A few insignificant days

So the past few days have been mainly viewing and waiting.  I’ll let you know if and whenever I finally find something.  However, a few lovely things are worth noting! 

Tuesday Emma and I went to le Jardin de Plants, a big park with a natural history museum in the middle.  The park was lovely but it turned out that the museum was shut which sucked (I also was back there on Thursday and found the whole park closed with a sign saying it’s only open on Mondays for the next year which is a shame.)  Instead we went to the Rodin Museum.  It was cool to see some of the famous sculptures but I definately want to go back when I have more time to do the audio tour and understand a bit more about them! 

Rodins The Kiss

Rodin's The Kiss

Last night Em and I went to forum des halles, a big shopping centre right in the centre, to go watch a movie.  We didn’t have the guts (or patience) to watch a French film so we went for ‘Happy Go Lucky’ the Mike Leigh film.  We had two hours before it started though so we went for a hot chocolate in a cafe out side.  This lovely american couple started talking to us and we ended up talking for ages about all sorts of things including Obama and education and multi-culturalism!  Deep stuff!  And then the guy offered to pay for our drinks!  It was so lovely, I think Em and I were both touched by that feeling of the parenty being looked after away from home feeling.  It really was the sweetest thing 🙂  The film was great too.. the cinema was HUGE and all lit up with fairy lights covering the walls!  Also, gutted I didn’t have my camera for this but there was a guy a few rows in front of us reading Le Monde before the lights went down.  Oh these french are so damn intellectual :p

Au Revoir! xx

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