And we’re back :)

Things are never bad for too long.  I knew that, it was just damn frustrating having to wait.

So I’ve found an apartment 😀  Went to view it on Saturday and the past few days have been spent sorting leases and what not.  It was great actually because literally as I was walking to meet to owner, another guy who owned another apartment that I’d really wanted called me.  I’d seen this one on Wednesday night and he hadn’t called me so I had assumed he’d given it to someone else, but he was calling to say I was his second choice, the first had found somewhere else, so did I want it.  I had to tell him I’d call him back after seeing this other one.  ‘This other one’ turned out to be gorgeous, really bright, everything I want.  So I had to tell him no.  It was really nice to know though that people hadn’t been not wanting me to live in their apartments, that I was at least a second choice! :p

That was saturday day, then saturday night Emma invited me to a party at one of her work friends’ house.  It was strange/ interesting because most people from Lancaster who are in Paris this year for whatever reason, were there.  There were also loads of other English people and a few other internationals.  Twas just strange that all these English kids my age, all in Paris for many different reasons, all manage to congregate in one place.  It was great to meet some other people, but a big black mark for not speaking French :s  I think, as someone said on our teacher training week, the best thing is going to be using English as a treat, because not speaking it at all WILL drive me crazy 🙂

Sunday was quite a lazy day but lovely.  Met Emma and Leanne on the Champs Elysees for lunch and then we had a wander past all the fancy shops :p later Em and I just hung out and watched some Dvds… it’s scary how shattered I am ALL the time right now.  I guess it’s just the culture shock but I am exhausted!

Today I horrifically attempted to change Traveller’s Cheques to get the deposit for my apartment.  Why are people SUCH A RIP OFF?  I’ve already paid a loaded exchange rate to convert pounds in euros in the first place; then American Express (of all places, i.e. the people who make the traveller’s cheques), charge 2% commision to change them into cash.  Okay, I’ll admit there may have been places in Paris where one CAN change them without a charge, but it was beyond me to go trapesing round trying to find that place.  Oh well, it’s done now!

Currently very excited because later I am going to get the keys for my new apartment, and am officially moved in from then on :).  But also, Paul is arriving tonight 😀  He’s over for a few days and it is going to be amazing!  I’ve been looking forward to this so much.  Being here is great, but being here with Paul is just going to be Magic 🙂  Shall let you know what we get up to.  And I’ll also get some pictures of the apartment up here asap!

Au Revoir! xx

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