Back to Pareee :)

And for once I’m genuinely totally happy about it.

I came back to Paris in springtime.  I’m sure people have told me about this, and it really is true.  It feels like she is at her most magical.  Everywhere is bright, the air feels fresh and happy, everyone seems more optimistic.  But maybe its just my mood.  I don’t think so though.

I’ve just had a regular week this week but everything seems more alive.

Major problem this week has been my STUPID housing benefit.  I shalln’t go into detail but they’ve basically messed up, completely through their own fault; my money has stopped being payed and they are technically asking me to pay back all I’ve recieved so far.  It’s supposedly being reassessed and sorted out right now but it could take up to 3 weeks and until then I’m in a horribly tight situation with money :s so annoying to be here again, especially when it’s my last few months and I want to be taking advantage of the last bits of theatre and trips etc that I can fit in!

I went to uni again on Friday which was a bit more fun this time, knowing what I was going to be doing! The phonetics course was actually really interesting, and I started feeling very itchy to get back to uni in England.  I miss being an overly eager student :p The other lessons were replaced by a sort of field trip to the Alliance Francaise, an organisation which has offices in many towns and countries across the world for people to learn french.  We were there to listen to some conference talks which were okay, but it was also interesting to see the place.  I’d LOVE to be able to do one of the courses there but they are beyond expensive :s I think maybe in a few years it’d be awesome to take like a month out and do an intensive one.

Friday night Lauren and I hung out, was so nice to catch up after our hols!  And on Saturday I had a lovely surprise visit from a friend from uni, Keith who had missed his connecting train in Paris and needed somewhere to stay!  We ended up having a really good night at one of the bars drinking (for once, good) wine :p.

I’m feeling very positive for the last few months here, lots of time focusing on work and a light at the end of this long exciting but scary tunnel 🙂

Au Revoir! xx

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