Busy times!

On Wednesday one of the teachers from my school invited me to come on a school trip to a British Pop Culutre exhibition at the Palais du Tokyo.  The exhibition was excellent, even if the tour did last two hours, all in French :s my back hurt by the end..!  It was trying to make a link between the industrial revolution and the music revolution in the 80s.  What I found v funny was that alot of the industy themed things came from Blackburn (where I went to school) museum.  I’m sure I was talking to someone just the other week about how boring the Blackburn museum must be, and yet here are lots of it’s artefacts in a museum in Paris, in an actually very clever exhibit!

After the museum I went to meet Lauren at Opera.  The plan was to go see a film but we ended up not doing because they’d finish too late for Lauren to get home.  BUT we did have a gorgeous time wandering around Opera at night.  We saw the Galeries Lafayette all lit up; it’s just purely stunnning.  Very christmassy! We decided to get a christmas starbucks which was v gorgeous and cosy and totally got me in the christmas spirit!

On Thursday evening I met up for coffee with Sarah, a friend from uni, down at Opera Bastille.  I haven’t been there since the last time I came to Paris, and it’s yet another gorgeous corner of this city that I want to visit more often!  Got to meet her very lovely french boyfriend, and there was also another friend of ours from uni who is here taking an intensive course in french.  I had to appreciate how lucky it is to have a french boyfriend in terms of improving your french.  Sarah could just be speaking in french and if she was unsure about a word or its pronounciation or whatever, she could quickly question it with her boy and then know.  SO useful!!

After that I went to meet up with some of the girls for my FOURTH meal at Chartier :s I may just give into it as my favourite restaurant in Paris, despite having been to very few others.  Thursday was the festival of Beaujolais Nouveau too.  Basically Beaujolais Nouveau is one of the few wines that are drunk the same year they are made, so when they are ready there’s a race to be the first bottle of it to get to Paris.  Sooo we had some with diner and despite reviews to the contrary, it was actually quite yummy.  After we went to an irish bar nearby where a pretty decent french band were playing lots of classic covers.  Twas a very relaxed and cosy evening all in all!

Last night was funnnn! During the day I tried to relax a bit and get all the final bits and pieces done that needed to be sorted.  Then in the evening, four of the girls came round and we had a proper sleepover!  Twas cool just to chat and eat lots of snacky food and wine and watch movies 🙂

Today was literally the first day since I’ve been here where I didn’t have anything to ‘sort out’ or organise in terms of settling in here.  Twas actually a wierd feeling.  But nice to at last have time to get on with the work that, actually, I really enjoy when I have the time to do it!

This month has gone far faster than I thought it would.  Which is kinda good cos I’ve been doing lots to make the most of my time, but I’ve also managed to not get too homesick.  Very excited now for the people coming to visit in Decemeber, and just Christmas in general, both here and going home! 😀


Au Revoir! xx

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