cinq jours!

Five days until I fly and I think I have most things organised now.  Finally sorted out insurance with Endsleigh! They have a tailored policy for people teaching on the scheme I’m doing so I’m hoping it’s the policy I need but I still don’t really know 🙁

I’ve realised that I probably don’t even own enough money (can you own money?) for all the possible deposits/pre-payed rent/agency fees I might need for an apartment, let alone to live, so I’m trying to sort that out.  Definately a tricky one with so much money going out right at the beginning. 

I’ve spoken on the phone to Molly, the woman I know in Paris, and she’s given me lots of advice on the best places to live.  We’ve also arranged to meet up on the Wednesday night when I first get there which more and more I’m feeling is going to be such a relief, knowing I’m not completely alone!

I’m keeping an eye on Paris apartment websites for places that may still be available when I get there and I might start calling/ emailing a few people make a few viewing appointments soon.

I’ve started packing! Got most stuff together now.. all that’s left is deciding which special clothes/bags/shoes get to come with me.  It’s going to be hard, and yes I am avoiding it.  Luckily my mama is flying out on the Friday for a few nights, so most of her luggage can be more stuff for meee :).

There are probably lots of other little bits and pieces I’ve been doing, at least that’s what it feels like.  Photocopying; trying to think of teaching ideas; trying to get in touch with the school! reapeatedly!; thinking French!

Apart from that I’ve been trying to not panic/get too excited/upset, and just trying to see as many people as possible before I go.  I already have a number of people I know in Paris now, but there’s definately something strange about the fact that none of my close friends of family will be nearby.  I’m sure it will be fine but it’s a very funny feeling.

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