Coming to an end.. :(

On Monday evening, Lauren, Em, Becka and I went to the ‘Dinner du Printemps’ at the conversation group.  It was such a lovely night and wierd to realise how grateful I’ve been to this group of people for making me feel welcome!  I’ve made some great freinds here and it’s one of the only places I’ve really spoken much french too!  It has definately inspired me in terms of helping people settle into a new country.  I really want to get involved or even just myself help foreign studetns/ assistants back home!

Diner du Printemps

Diner du Printemps

I had to say goodbye to Lauren on Tuesday 🙁 Lucy and Philly had a little gathering at their house to say goodbye to Lauren and Julia, and walking to the metro I realised it was the last time I would see the girl!  I can’t really say right now how much she has meant to me.  I never dreamt I’d make such a good friend in such a short time being here, but I feel truly blessed to have had her in my life and I hope she stays there for a long time to come!

Me and Lauren back in summer :)

Me and Lauren back in summer 🙂

I had to leave reasonably early on Tuesday to go get my family!  Parents and 2 bros flew in very late and ALL stayed at my house on the Tuesday.  Which was fun.. :s  They moved to the nearby hotel on Wednesday and it was a trial having them here but lovely all the same.  I never do well with my family on holidays, I don’t know why but I imagine it is my fault.  Anyway it was nice for them to have got some glimpse of my life here before it was over!  Saturday was particularly glorious, wandering round the Marche de Puces in the scorching sunshine!

Almost as soon as they had left on Saturday night, I was up and travelling to Strasbourg on Sunday morning.  I went to visit my friend Anthony from sixth form who is on his year abroad there.  I absolutely adored sitting on that train and getting out of Paris.  Just travelling, it makes me feel fantastic and refreshed.  Especially on the train 🙂 I really hope my future is full of lots of travelling (short term though!).

It was the first time (within memory) that I had visited Strasbourg.  It’s a stunning city, and a really good size.. plenty to do but with a friendly local feel too.  I thought more than once that perhaps this place would have been more suited to me on my year abroad.  It was big and different, but manageable.  Perhaps Paris was too overwhelming to do in the space of a year?  On the final day there, I went and explored on my own and had a lovely time just wandering, every part of the city is just pretty.

We also crossed the river Rhine across to Germany which was bizarre!  We went for lunch in Kehl, the first town, and trying to speak a THIRD language felt so unnatural and odd to my tongue!

By all the European Parliament buildings in Strasbourg

Bridge between Strasbourg, France and Kehl, Germany where Obama etc. walked over for the 2009 NATO summit

Idyllic Strasbourg :)

Idyllic Strasbourg 🙂

Again coming back was such a lovely feeling, looking out the window on the train listening to my ipod 🙂 but as we came back into Paris I felt a bit wrong; I did feel like I was coming back home, but it didn’t feel right anymore.  Just the experience of going somewhere new, I think, made me realise all the excitement of doing something new, something different.  And that’s where I am now. I’m ready to go.  I love Paris, I always will, and I’m sure after a week at home I will start to miss it and will never stop missing it.  Right now though I just need to go, I need to finish this chapter and start my new one in England 🙂

Au Revoir! xx

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