Dinner and French countryside!

On Friday night Lauren and I went round to some assistant friends of ours, Lucy and Philippa, who share an apartment in the 10th for dinner.  It was so lovely to just eat good food, drink some wine and chat and laugh and be silly.  Its the kind of socialising I LOVE, really good conversation, getting a bit tipsy, and coming home feeling full, happy and happily drunk.

The next morning Lauren and I got up horribly early to go on a trip with ‘L’Equipe’.  We went over to Pierrefonds which had a huge Medievil Chateau and then went to the woods of Compiegne where the train wagon in which the Armistice for the end of the first world war was signed, and then where the Armistice for the French surrender to Germany in 1940 was signed.  (My History sucks so appologies if that isn’t precise).  Since it was only a few days after November 11th, the memorials all had amazing flowers around them!

We had a huge yummy lunch in a rather Napoleon-apartments- esque restaurant in the town of Compiegne and then headed to the Chateau de Compiegne.  Lots of the rooms had been deisgned by Marie Antoinette though she never got to live there, and it was lived in by I think Napoleon III and his second wife?  So it was like a smaller Versailles really!  There was also an old car museum which was interesting but the guide was pretty awful so I didn’t really get even the years the cars came from!

Twas an awesome day, and lovely to get out of Paris into the countryside.  I am glad to get to experience Paris for a year but I think whoever is an assistant in that little town is insanely lucky too.  It also made me miss home more, seeing all the cute and cosy countryside.. seems so much more real than the bustle of Paris.  I’m glad I learned a bit more about french history too.  My knowledge of it is shocking, and it’s encouraged me to go read some more about it.  I almost bought the idiots guide to the history of France in the Chateau bookshop, but resisted knowing the number of books I already NEED to read :p

There are loaddds of pictures from yesterday which I’m putting up on flickr now so please go look!

Au Revoir! xx

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