Falling in Love.

You know that feeling when you realise that you truely love someone?  It’s not necessarily when you say I love you, but rather when you say it and for the first time you mean it from the very depths of your soul.  You don’t even necessarily remember the situation, you just remember the feeling with that person.  I remember when I first got that feeling with the boy and I feel it every time I think about him now.  Well today, I felt that about Paris.  There wasn’t any particular reason except perhaps that I’m feeling very close to settled.  But jumping on and off metros, reading my book or scanning my copy of the new FUSAC as I walked, I just felt like I belonged.  I know I’m not anywhere close to being a true francaise or parisienne, but it all just felt natural.  It was as if there was some tiny me-sized space within Paris’ bustling little world that I was allowed to comfortably slip into.  I fell in love 🙂

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