Falling into Place.

I’m very happy that at least a few things are finally coming together!

Catherine gave me my timetable for my first 3 weeks of teaching today! This will all be observations so after that the timetable will change again but I’m so excited now! I can plan the next 3 weeks and look forward to them.  She sent the timetable to me and the other english teachers and there was a note at the top to the other teachers (and I guess sort of to me) about how it would work for the next few weeks.  The teachers are supposed to leave 20 minutes at the end of every hour so that the pupils can ask me questions! Argh! Cool but argh! I’m assuming (hoping) that this will all be in english.  I suppose it can’t be that bad just talking about myself.  I can’t wait for some of the stereotype questions though :p Shall be sure to document them here!

Another fabulous thing I’ve managed to put in place is the baby-sitting I mentioned I really wanted to do.  I called a woman who I found in FUSAC who lives really near me and went round to meet her tonight and it’s all sorted already!  It will depend a bit on what my timetable works out like after my observation weeks, but Catherine is being such a doll trying to make sure my timetable fits! I’m gonna be looking after two kids aged 10 and 13 for 2 hours, 3 evenings a week, basically just making sure they’re getting on with homework and stuff before their parents get home from work, and teaching them a bit of english along the way.  I reakon it’s gonna be great for my french too being exposed to these kids speaking it constantly, and I’m also really looking forward to getting a bit of a view of real French family life!  It also means I have little bit more money coming in which relaxes things on the financial front.  I do still want to get some tutoring set up and things like that, but I can do that in my own time now; there’s no presure money wise.

I also THINK I’ve made progress in the saga that is getting my bank card (if it wasn’t such a long, infuriating and repetative story I would recount it..), though I’m only going to believe that when I see it now.

I was buzzing so much a bit earlier, but now I think I’ve just managed to block myself from my flickr account 🙁 so i’m feeling a bit depleeted!

I have a great time ahead of me now! There’s some meet up organised over facebook tomorrow for all the english teachers in Paris which should be interesting! I’m meeting up with Jessie and another friend, Lauren, whom I met on one of the teacher training courses I did back home; so excited to see her again!  In the evening I’m having dinner with all the english teachers at my school; I’ve only met Catherine so far so I can’t wait! I hope they’re all really lovely!  One of them has the name of my favourite French actress and I’ve got to keep reminding myself that they won’t look the same!  On Saturday evening I’ve been invited to Jessie’s host family’s for a dinner there.  The mom is English so I’m predicting lots of england reminicing.. which I would kind of reslish right now! Then on Sunday I’m heading to one of the markets with Molly I think!

After that it’s starting baby-sitting, some admin/welcome session for all the english teachers on wednesday, then starting school!!

I am SO SO relived to finally be busy with REAL things and not endless paperwork/admin/housing problems!!  Even though many of them are still there; at least I won’t have much time to worry about them now 🙂

Au Revoir! xx

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