Getting into life.

The rest of my time at home went so so well! I had an incredible 12 days and as much as I’m glad to be back in Paris, I also can’t wait to have the wonderful life I have back in England again next year.  My dad did a fabulous bonfire night, and I’ve never been more proud or happy to live where and with the people I do.

My dads bonfire and our guy!

My dad's bonfire and our guy!

I arrived back in Paris very late on Wednesday night, and had to be up at 5.30am for a very early lesson the next day so needless to say I was rather tired most of Thursday day.  Thursday evening I had a lovely meal with Jill, my mum’s friend whose apartment I stayed in for the first 3 weeks I was here.  Twas a really nice welcome back to Paris, having someone to chat to and cook me a decent meal!

On Friday night I went out to Lauren’s house to stay the night and the next morning we had planned to just have a day wandering Paris.  However the next day turned into a total disaster when Lauren’s ceiling started leaking!!  We realised that there was a washing machine going on in the apartment above, but when we went to knock there was no one in.  The water gradually got worse until there were literal streams of water coming from some parts of the ceiling.  Lauren tried calling everyone she could but in the end the fire men had to come and break into to the apartment above to stop the water!! Then the police came round.. and Lauren’s landlord.. and the landlord’s mom?!  It was a long day :p  We were pretty tired after all that and cleaning up after so we ended up just coming back to mine and chilling out.

On sunday morning we went to the hugeeee market at St.Ouen/Porte de Clignancourt.. we spent ages just wandering, and found a few good vintage clothes shops, as well and some good new clothes stalls.  After that we headed down to the Champs-Elysees for a mooch at the new displays in the designers’ windows then I went home to chillll. 

Monday I had a disastrous morning, which in short made me discover that I have to reapply all over again for my housing benefit (I first applied 2 months ago trying to be organised..).  I did however have to go to Cite Universite to discover this, which is actually a gorgeous little campus which I’d really like to go explore a bit more sometime.

Monday night wasy tres busy! Baby-sitting, then a lecture at the welcome group about ‘Marriage du Figaro’ the play we’re going to see at the Comedie Francaise Theatre.  After that we wandered along the Seine, which was insanely gorgeous at night, and met up with Jessie and some of the other assistants for drinks in the Latin Quarter!

I think I’m enjoying getting into a bit of regular life now.  Lauren and I have been planning what we want to do before christmas, but it still leaves me with alot of time to get on with all the work and reading I want to do, and hopefully I’ll make the most of that! 

Au Revoir! xx