Hi I’m Mae and I’ll be your tour guide this afternoon :D

My very good friend Emma and her best friend from uni, Helen, came to visit this weekend and it was AWESOME!

But first to back track.  On Wednesday morning, Lauren and I had agreed to meet at Bercy Village in the am as she’d never been before.  It was disatrous as we discovered our generation’s sickening dependancy on mobile phones.  Lauren forgot hers and had no way of contacting me.  We hadn’t agreed on a specific place to meet so we both spent a good half hour waiting and looking for each other to no avail :s she ended up having to go all the way back to hers before she could contact me!  I did manage to have a half decent morning though, I read for a bit in starbucks and went to see all the puppies in the huge pet store <3

In the evening I went round to Molly’s for dinner and we had a good catch up which was loverly!

On Thursday I attempted to start on some uni work, but as this was the first free day I’d had in the hols, I ended up having too many little bits an pieces to get done first that I didn’t really get anywhere with proper work :s

Friday was my first day at the university, and to be honest it was just very mediocre.  It wasn’t awful but it really wasn’t all that exciting and I’m torn as to whether its worth doing now.  All the lecturers are so disorganised and unenthusastic.  And more to the point is the fact that the courses are basically that or nothing.  They aren’t courses I would have chosen.  When I first considered doing some uni study I imagined having a bit of choice and maybe doing some politics or art of culture or literature or even french language.  But not this.  I think if initially I’d been given a list to look over and this was my only choice, I just wouldn’t have done any university study.  On the other hand it is a day a week of sitting listening to real french.  The question being, is it worth spending a whole day out of every week just to improve my french listening.  I think the answer might be yes, because I am so short on any options of learning any french now before I go.  Again on the other hand, that whole day of time could be used productively at home working on my french, but then technically anything I can do at home on my own, I can do when I’m back in England.  Argh!

But never mind because on Friday night despite being shattered from the day, I got to go meet my lovely Emma from Gare du Nord.  It was so awesome to see her, its always ages between the times we get to catch up.

We spent the weekend exploring Paris, me showing her and Helen round.  It was so refreshing for me to make myself just take it all in properly 🙂  On Saturday we got the metro back down to Charles de Gaulle Etoile then wandered along the champs elysees towards the tuileries and the Louvre.  Stopped for coffee in the Louvre starbucks then went shopping on Rue de Rivoli.  After we went around Notre Dame, saw Shakespeare & Co and walked up to the Opera Garnier and Galeries Lafayette.  Long day! In the evening we stayed in, cooked, and watched movies.

On Sunday we went for brunch and then headed up to Montmartre, going via the Moulin Rouge and visiting the Erotica Museum! Was actually intriguing when you realise that its such a normal thing and yet all these artifacts are relegated to this one museum because of people’s prudishness.  After the Place du tertre we got the metro down to the eiffel tower and hung around there as it went dark.  First time I’ve seen it at night up close!  Later we went to Chartier for dinner which was lovely as always always!

On Monday we were all pretty exhuasted so we slept in then went for lunch at Bercy Village, then went for a look at the puppies!  An absolutely exhausting but fantastic weekend 🙂  I’ll put a sample of the pics here but the rest are on flickr (Em very kindly let me put all hers up too).  Once they’d gone and for Tuesday, I spent most of the time recovering and preparing for my interview on Wednesday morning!

Au Revoir! xx

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