Home is where the people you love are.

Possibly the best christmas ever 🙂  Here’s a quick rundown of my time at home!

So on Monday December 22nd, Emma and I got on a plane to go home for the holidays.  We were rather giddy as can be expected, and decided to get some little bottles of wine and listen to christmas songs the whole way.  Best idea ever; we got rather tipsy and very ready for christmas by the time we landed!


On the plane home (note the sexy man next to us who we chatted to on the way :p)

That evening I went for a meal with my Qegs friends for a catch up which we’ve done almost every term so far!  It’s wierd to think we’re all about to start living real adult lives in totally different directions.

On Tuesday night I went up to the theatre where I worked last year; saw my boss and some work friends then watched their Christmas Panto 😀  Wednesday was Christmas Eve and I got to see both Annas, two of my best best freinds.  One Anna and I went to the Carol Service we go to every year which was magical 🙂 Then I went home and had a gorgeous evening sat round the fire with my brothers and some family freinds.  Christmas day was just lovely and relaxing as always.  As was boxing day.  On the 27th we headed down to Marborough for the big family reunion, which is always my second favourite part of Christmas (after christmas eve)… family is like my drug; as long as I have it I’ll always be calm and happy despite ups and downs, but if it was taken away I just wouldn’t be able to make sense of anything anymore.  Paul and I stayed the night there then headed up to Boston, passing some beautiful little market towns along the way.  Boston is the home of Claire, a friend from uni, who is also on her year abrod at the moment so it was lovely to see her for her 21st and catch up!  Made me really get excited for 4th year of uni 🙂  We were at her house in the evening then Paul & I stayed in a B&B nearby.  The next day Claire showed us around Boston and then we had to head home 🙁  I was v exhausted by the end of it but the whole trip just made me realise how full of little gems England is.  There’s still so much of it I want to explore still.

The Stump- Boston, Lincolnshire.

The Stump- Boston, Lincolnshire.


Gorgeous little shop in Boston.

Gorgeous little shop in Boston.

New Years Eve was magical 🙂 Paul and I were a Paul’s parents who have a dinner party every year where each couple makes one course (I brought the cheese from France!).  The meal was stunning (which you’d expect with two experienced chefs in the party..).  At midnight Paul & I ‘brought in the new year’ by going out the back door, standing by the front door freezing for 5 minutes, then everyone opening it to let us in.  Twas cute, and nice that they let us do it 🙂  We watched all the fireworks across the Ribble Valley from Paul’s balcony then lit some ourselves.  The rest of the night was party games!


Waiting to bring in the new year 🙂

On the 2nd Paul took me for my christmas present.. a shopping trip 😀 I’ve never had so much fun!  Had an exhausting but ace day in Manchester.  Last thing to note is that on Saturday I had to say goodbye to a very good friend of mine who was leaving the next day with the Marines.  It scares the *bad word* out of me, and I wish he didn’t feel he had to go, but we all have to do life our own way I guess.  I just pray he doesn’t do anything stupid 🙁

In conclusion, Paris is incredible, magical, a dream.  But it is not home.  Because with everything I’ve ever been through, my family and my friends have always been there.  Everyone is different, but to me, I want the people I love because that to me is the point of all this.  Don’t get me wrong, I want the rest of my life to be full of exploring, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop exploring, but I always want to come back.  I guess I’m just very lucky, because my mind will probably always be a bit lost, but my heart never will be.

Au Revoir xx

P.s. Yes I’m full of cheesy crap, If you know me then you already know this.  But it also happens to be true, so shut up :p

P.p.s.  Check out my family’s disgustingly huge Christmas Tree.  I’ve trained them well…

The picture just does not do justice to the magnitude of this tree.

The picture just does not do justice to the magnitude of this tree.

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