I have a dragon in my back yard :p

Hello my lovelies!!

I’ve had a gorgeous weekend with my mom 🙂 Like I said we pretty much just chilled out on Friday, but we did go for an explore around the area later.  The road that my street is off is definately the prettiest that we saw!  We had a quick wander through Pere Lachaise cemetary (where the god that is Oscar Wilde is buried) but we didn’t have much of an explore.. something I’m definately going to go back and do properly at a later date.  We also found Parc de Belleville which is a gorgeous little park on a hill nearby.  We sat down on one of the benches for a bit of a rest (very hilly around there!) and I could totally picture myself sitting there with a book on a Saturday afternoon 😀 

On Saturday we had a venture out to the centre to see Notre Dame as my mum has never been.  Unfortunately (but perhaps enevitably for a Saturday) the queues to get in were so so long, so we decided to leave it this time.  We did have a good wander and cafe stop around the Latin Quarter and St Michel though.  I picked up the new copy of FUSAC (the french-english magazine with lots of personal ads) to look for an extra job as I really could do with the distraction and the money.  I got myself all excited about the idea of doing a bit of childminding.  Jessie, the american girl I met up with, does this already and I really like the idea of it.  I love kids and I don’t think I’d find it too straining.  It’s good money and it’d be a great way to get to know real french life a bit more.  It will depend on whether it can fit in with my 12 hours teaching, but I’m really hoping it can!

I am still waiting on my bank card 🙁 It has been 10 days now since I was at my bank and my bank guy was sat opposite me saying ‘you will recieve a letter in one to two days..’.  Yeah cos that’s happened.  I’m just getting worried now cos I’m gonna need to take money out soon!!

Internet on the other hand I think is getting somewhere.  Yes a technician was supposed to come ‘within 7 days’ to reactivate my phone line (the 7 days ending tomorrow), but I did manage to access online some staus report on my application and they do appear to be getting somewhere.  In the meantime, I’m still able to use the open wifi here and thus call people through skype too so it’s not too bad for the time being.

I’ve booked my two lots of flights for half term and christmas! I decided to come home for both because I know myself, and I know it will be better for me to have a bit of a break after all the stress of settling in.  I think after that though I’m gonna stay here for the other holidays and maybe travel a bit around here.  I should have more money to do that then too!  For half term then I’ll be home from Oct 25th- Nov 5th, and I should hopefully get up to Lancaster in that time to see everyone!! For christmas it’ll be Dec 22nd- Jan 3rd, and I really want to see as many people as possible cos I miss you all so much already!

This week I am probably going to be extremely boring in terms of blog posts :p (then again that assumes that I’m not being already.. I don’t know :s).  Mainly because I don’t have alot left to sort out for settling in and am probably going to spend this week cracking on with the following:

  1. Year Abroad Journal: Uni half module- Journal I have to keep in French of my experiences and observations of the culture.. i.e. translating this blog into French pretty much.. maybe with some extended rants about french men and the french service industry
  2. Year Abroad Project: Other uni half module- 6000 word project on an aspect of french culture.. I’m doing mine on the place of cinema in modern french society.  I haven’t done much on it yet but I’m hoping it’s gonna prove very interesting!
  3. Dissertation: How the narrative style of Madam Bovary is represented in modern adaptations of the story, mainly films
  4. 4th year reading: I have so much free time this year that I’m really hoping to get all the reading for my 4th year English Lit modules all done before I start them.

I may well post random things related to all this but I don’t think I’m gonna keep recording every single thing I do.  I’ll just post when I do something I feel worth noting or that I reakon you’ll like to hear about!  If there is anything you’d like to hear more about.. I don’t know what… the area/ random observations/ my feelings on settling in?!! :p whatever! Do send me comments or an email and I’ll try to cover things that interest people :p That said, I realise that a blog is first and foremost a totally self-indulgent hobby so I’ll keep writing on anything I feel is worth writing about too 🙂

Au revoir! xx

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