I kinda do NOT want to leave now..

.. except I do, I’m so excited to go home and for all the things I’m doing over summer.  I just wish I could be here too.

We had a kinda disatrous but also rather nice night on Tuesday!  Lauren and her friend Alex came round to mine and we had planned to head out later to Duplex, a club by the Arc de Triomphe,  as it was the student night and free entry before 12.30.  Somehow, although we’d been watching the time, we managed to get there stupidly late and would have had to pay 20 euros entry, which was NOT happening on a casual night out..!  So we ended up having to walk down the Champs Elysees at one in the morning (kinda damn pretty :p) and then negotiate the night buses, which we actually did quite well!  It was an odd night but actually quite a pleasant adventure 😀

I finally went for couscous with the English teachers from school on Friday night! (It’s been 2 months in discussion..) Twas such a lovely night and I wish they’d done it more often.  It made me pine for the kind of interactions I could have had during my time in France if situations had been different.  Oh and the couscous was AMAZING.

Saturday night was another lovely lovely meal at Kate’s house.  I still absolutely love that more than anything.. just sitting around with interesting people and discussing anything and everything over food and wine 🙂 I want to do that for the rest my life!

Apart from that, this week has been partly lovely and relaxing (because of sunshine and being very very productive with work!) and partly emotional (for a number of reasons not fit to mention in the public domain!).  I’m starting to feel extremely bittersweet about leaving here.  I have really grown to love it and I feel, well I don’t know what I feel, but perhaps like if i’d had more time I could really have settled here.  I’m sure nearer the end or perhaps once I’m home I will write some posts on how I really feel about it all.. gosh now those will be dramatic pieces of writing :p

Au Revoir! xx

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