I left my job today…

I hadn’t planned to write anything about this (yet) but while I’m in the emotion of the moment, here are a few things my first real job taught me…

  1. People are the most important thing in just, well, anything… be it work or play, everything revolves around people and I think that maybe the most important thing you can ever do is surround yourself with people who make you feel alive whatever you need to feel.
  2. Do what you love. Not in some distant future; NOW… when I was looking for part time jobs as an 18 year old fresher, I obstinately had no time for just any old job.  I wanted to do something I was at least mildly interested in, found it, pestered and pestered and eventually got a job tearing tickets in a theatre.  4 years including 15 months of a full time job later, I’ve had the time of my life 🙂
  3. Be curious, be persistent, be confident, be excited… not because it will get you far in life (though it probably will) but because it makes every experience you have so, so much brighter.
  4. People, no matter what they want out of life, are incredible…  I tend to get so ahead of myself;  in this job I have moments where I’ve had the chance to slow down and really understand people.  And the most beautiful thing I’ve found is how people can want incredibly different things from their lives and yet deep down it’s all just the same desire to be… content I guess? Something like that 🙂 To be whatever they want to be.
  5. People are rarely, deep down, driven by money.  Things money represents perhaps, but rarely money.  Most people are better than that (!!) even if it is only deep down.
  6. A head on your shoulders is A MILLION times more valuable than a grade, a degree, anything measured by a fixed system created by a fixed group of people.  If those things help give you that head, great; if not, you are screwed. (Generally).
  7. There is some serious crap out there in the art world, but there are also some of  the most magical, inspiring, awakening little moments, lines, stagings… moments that take your breath away and can change you forever.  This is why ‘the arts’ and ‘culture’ matter.  Because amongst all the crap, are the little inspirations that make you see the world in that beautiful light that makes this life worth living.
  8. Finally… I learnt that being lost and confused and embarrassed and sad and frustrated and exasperated is all completely and totally and utterly worth it as long as you play on through all that… because eventually you start finding your feet and making things happen and finding your way.
I do believe that the harder you work the luckier you get.  I also want to acknowledge that the above is all just in my limited experience; none of it do I believe to be fact.  That said I hope as many people as possible can find their way like I did (and am still doing), and I know that it isn’t always easy, which is why I will spend the rest of my life helping as many people as possible to find their own way.
M xx

One thought on “I left my job today…

  1. Himanshu says:

    Hi Mae, wow didnt know you blog!

    Strange some time we dont know things about people we thought we know well.

    Any way I read the blog it is interesting! Specially the fact that we need to find ways to do what we enjoy and how people are most important thing!

    Best of luck in your new journey.

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