I’m here!!

Argh there is so much I want to write but I’m so so tired.  The last few days were a bit crazy trying to say bye to everyone and sorting everything out.  The headmaster of the school called me on Tuesday and then put me in touch with the english teacher who will be responsable for me so we’re hopefully going to meet up very soon.

As for today, well what a first day! I’ll be brief now and go into detail tomorrow when I have more energy.  I was up at 4am to get the plane and finally arrived at the apartment about 12.30pm.  I was already shattered so tried to unpack then work out what I needed to do the next few days (more lists :p).  Eventually went out; managed to speak to the bank, and find out about mobiles.  Then I got in touch with Molly, the friend I have who works in Paris but who also taught as a language assistant here a few years ago, and we’ve had a lovely evening in a few bars and then for a meal.  I feel I know so much about living in France already!!

It’s really quite overwhelming and I think I was a tad ambitious thinking that I could go on a power apartment hunt as soon as I arrived.  I’m going to try to do some searching tomorrow but I think I really need to catch by breath, as well as sorting all the admin I have to do!

It’s amazing to be here though and I really am excited now, with no fear at all (at the moment..).

Okay, shall go into detail tomorrow 🙂 Au revoir xx

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