La Scène

I seem to have spent alot of time watching spectacles this week!  On Monday Lauren and I went to see the film Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which was translated in french to the far more romantic and logical title of  ‘Une nuit a New York’ (One night in New York).  It was awesome :p

I am a quotes person, I’m not ashamed; and the last line of the film, which summed up this year for me alot, was this:

Norah: Are you sad that we missed it?
Nick: We didn’t miss it. This IS it.


On Tuesday, we had the stressful experience of attempting to get cheap tickets for Le Roi Lion (The Lion King) musical.  It’s a fantastic system they have in Paris for all the private theatres.  They sell any remaining tickets from category A (i.e. the best tickets that usually sell for £50 euros) for £10 euros to under-26 year olds, one hour before the performance.  It was a crazy hectic queue with lots of french pushing in :p but luckily we got the second to last 2 tickets!  I’ve never seen the show even in England, and it was absolutely magical, in such perfect seats too!  It’s one of the HUGE things I’m going to miss about Paris, or living in a city at least.. the easy access to theatres; it’s possibly the best thing about being here.

On Thursday night I went to a free concert at the eglise St Eustache which is the huge church by les Halles in the centre of Paris.  The young people performing were pupils from the Conservatoire de Paris, which is aparently the top ranked music school in the world, with the second being Julliard in New York.  And yes the performances were as impressive as that would lead you to believe.  I was lucky enough to hear one operatic piece and goodness my love of the voice as an instrument quadrupeled.  The girl in question handled her voice better than any instrument I have ever heard.  I was in utter awe 🙂

On Friday night I finally got chance to go visit my welcome/host family people again.  The problem is that they live quite far away from me, about an hour each way, so I have to stay over there usually which ends up taking an awful lot of time, which I usually don’t have.  But as usual it was lovely.  It really is the one time I really get to speak french non stop, and the fact that I always survive it and don’t get too confused or tired suggests that my french is getting somewhere!  I just wish it was more convenient to get there, I would totally go every week!  The mom was lovely and even invited me to come stay for a week any time I wanted to brush up on my french, which is so lovely and so helpful!  I said I’d be happy to return the favour too if ever the kids wanted to come visit England.  The middle girl seemed really keen to come over, and she’s very very lovely so it’d be so cool if we do keep in touch and she came over sometimes 🙂

This weekend I started a very dedicated work timetable! The coming week I have most of the week off during the days so I’m trying to get ahead with my reading especially.  We’ll see!

Au Revoir! xx

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