London Adventure Part 1!

On May 28th I took my lovely little car allll the way down to Surrey, to start an internship in London the next day. I was staying with my aunty in Surrey and would be commuting into London every morning. It was lovely to see my aunt, since she and her 2 children and 4 grandchildren had all moved down there from the North!
The internship was for a month, at a social media marketing agency. The marketing didn’t interest me so much as the way social media is starting to be used in businesses. And I think I managed to learn a lot in that respect! It was also great just to experience working in an office for the first time properly ever, and to work in the centre of London.
London is magical, it really is, I think I was able to appreciate it far more than Paris since it was my country; I belonged to all its cultural quirks and its politics and it’s people. It had all the buzz of a city but all the Englishness that I crave too.
It was so fab being at my aunt’s, and living out in the countryside in Surrey. I’d learnt from Paris that I’m just not good in cities for long periods of time. I LOVE them I really do, but getting out into the freedom of the country every evening was heaven. I have 4 little (what would you call them?) cousins once removed (my cousins’ babies), between 18 months and 6 who have been so much fun to spend time with!
I managed spending some days at the weekend exploring Surrey, though bizarrely I never even had time to explore London much. That was one of the biggest shocks; that working 9.30 til 6 with an hour commute each way left me exhausted every evening with about an hour’s free time before bed! Which is either an argument for making sure you do a job you love, as it will take over your life, or for working from home, or for something like that, I don’t know!
I DID get to go and see WICKED! At the Apollo Theatre which was beyond incredible. On the one hand I just missed musicals beyond belief, on the other, it was for certain one of the best musicals I’ve heard or seen. Totally old school, and really written for an orchestra. The West End is definitely the top reason I’d want to live in London :p
On the final Wednesday I got a call from a publishing house I had applied to for work experience with offering me two weeks! So that weekend I had to go home and finish up and essay for uni and then came BACK to London for another two weeks!

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