Looking to the future :)

So on Wednesday I went home via London.

It was strange being in London because it was like being able to directly compare one capital city to another.  Going home home from Paris, I never knew if most of the differences weren’t just to do with being in the country side or being with my family and friends.  It was bizarrely liberating to go into a cafe and ask for something in my own nuanced English 🙂  I had a lovely day there meeting up with Jo and old freind from home.  The interview was actually really fun.  I was just excited because I’ve never had a proper interview before so I’d no idea what to expect.  And to have been so interested in blogs and social media and all that for such a long time and finally be talking to someone who really knew their stuff about it, was pretty awesome.  Made me REALLY want the internship too.

I got the train back to mine late afternoon.  I really had missed train journeys.. both the Eurostar and Virgin were so relaxing, just with my iPod watching the world go by.  I love it!  The whole time at home just felt like an super preview of what life is going to be like in a few months time 🙂 I hung out lots with Paul’s friends who I love, and I went up to Lancaster too.  It was the first time too that I hadn’t felt sad coming back to Paris because I know coming back here is no longer the vast endless months of being alone any more!  2 months is nothing :p  It also helped that I found out that I’d got the internship a few minutes before I left for the airport :D!!

Everything is coming together so well for summer.  I am a bit worried about getting all my uni work done whilst I’m still in Paris but I do feel that I have so much more time now.  I’m not babysitting nearly as much, and the extra teaching I was doing has almost come to and end, so I’m really trying to focus and spend all my free time on getting on with all the work, and sparing some time for my dear Paris too 🙂

So summer at the moment is looking something like this!:

May 3rd- 17th: Home, relaxing, doing uni work

May 18th- 23rd: 21st Birthday week! (yes I’m having a week, because I can :p)

May 24th- June 19th: Internship in London

July & August: Possibly more work experience + Travelling round Holland + sunning myself at home.

September 3rd- 8th: New York!

Mid september: Travelling round Italy/ France

October: Back to university!

The thing about coming to Paris that bothered me the most was that I was leaving behind a life that had never been so good.  It makes sense to have a big change if life isn’t going so well, but my life was at a point where everything had fallen into place. And I just left it all.  I don’t regret coming (not that I had a choice) but it just always felt a bit silly to be leaving a ‘perfect’ life.  I’m so excited to be able to go back to it, taking with me all the new things I’ve learnt whilst being here.

Au Revoir! xx

One thought on “Looking to the future :)

  1. Paul S says:


    Idly poking around to see what’s going down on the continent, and I see you’re quite literally all over the place this summer, you wretch. That’s damnably unfair! Or, you know, the entirely justifiable rewards for working hard and not being a curly haired lazy ponce. Sounds smooth, though.

    I do notice that you’ll miss Hamlet though. When all the broadsheets are raving about it you’ll be sorry.


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