Mama’s here :)

On Wednesday I had the audacious task of going to set up my internet/ phone connection. After failed attempts to contact various providers through email, I eventually gave up this tack, and went to the branch of The Phone House (french carphone warehouse) on my road to ask them, and managed to set it up then and there.  Should supposedly take about 2 weeks as they have to reactivate the phone line and all this malarchy as well!  But i’ll survive.

The rest of wednesday and most of thursday I had a proper lazy relax trying to recuperate all my energy from alllll the stress.  :p it’s really not been that bad but I definately needed some down time.  Last night I went out with Emma and Leanne from uni and a few of their friends for some food and drink, which was lovely!

This morning my mama arrived at about 7.30 am, 2 and a half hours after she was supposed to, so lil old me was awake and very sleepy for a long time 🙁  But I’m so so glad she’s here!  She brought lots of stuff (mainly books :p) so my apartment is looking more homely now!  We’ve both been very sleepy today so we’ve just been hanging out here, but we’re gonna go explore the area around my apartment later on I think!

Au Revoir! xx

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