My first evening of babysitting!

They are a really gorgeous family! I feel wierd using their real names so there’s a girl who’s 10 who I’ll call Ginger, and a boy, 13 who I’ll call Fred.  Good times!

When I first got there no-one answered the door bell so I just waited in the foyer.  Then Ginger came in, and we had a little chat in french (we had to wait for her bro with the keys).  Once he arrived we went up to the apartment and Fred showed me around in pretty damn good english!  A few minutes later, their mom came and she went through the rules and what they would do when I’m there etc.  I spent a bit of time with Ginger looking at the kind of homework she had.  I had my first experience of french ‘poesie’ which is a pretty standard thing, at least in primary schools where they have to learn whole passages by heart.  I know this used to be done in England but it certainly isn’t any more.  Their mom was explaining how they do it to help improve their memory skills, and personally I think that makes a lot of sense.

Fred got a little difficult later on and his mom was saying it’s because he thinks he’s too old to need a babysitter.  But, she said it’s more because he just doesn’t like doing his homework and doesn’t want someone there to make him do it!  I think it’ll be okay, with a little encouragement and once we develop more of a rapport.  Interesting though, diciplining kids is just isn’t something I’ve had to think about for a long while if really ever, so it’ll be a learning experience. 

The evening went really well though.  Their mom also asked if i’d look after Ginger for two hours one lunch time, and asked how I felt about teaching other kids english if anyone asked her (she already knew one friend who was looking), so all that is fab!  Exactly what I’m looking for really, and if it’s all in my area then even better!  My week is filling up!

So one part of my life here is set in motion! Very happy with how its looking, and glad the initial stage is over!

Au Revoir! xx

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