Now or Never

So I wrote my 25 things when the fad was about, then realised they were actually a bit too honest for me to publish.  I just found them again and realised they give a pretty accurate snap shot of my life in the past few months and I suppose it would be a shame to just forget about them; so here they are, warts and all :s…

My 25

My brothers are the best, most interesting, genuine, fascinating, honest, purest, people I have EVER known.  I cannot describe how lucky I feel to be related to them.

I seem to make people feel awkward around me.  I don’t mean to, I’m still just an insecure girl who wants to be friends with everyone.

I usually have very low self-esteem.  I hide it VERY well.

I am and always have been an over-sharer, which probably explains my numerous blogs and love of social media.  It also means there’s little I can write here that isn’t already on here.

I am personally pro-abortion and politically pro-choice.

Since being in Paris I’ve realised how young I really am, and I feel that I’m discovering the world for the first time.  This is a good thing.

Most political/philosophical/religious issues interest me a lot, but I’m only just starting to form my own concrete ideas on them.

This year in Paris has changed me and made me grow up more than anything, ever before.

I don’t regret a single romantic mess up I’ve had because it has led to this boy and to how truly happy I am with him.

To quote A History of Violence, he is the best man I have ever known.

The relationships I have with my boy and with my brothers are the most (and possibly only) healthy relationships I have.

I have been obsessed with technology and digital media since my first computer when I was like 8.  I’ve only recently admitted to myself that maybe I should make a career out of this.

I want to be, and will be fluent in French; but purely for my own enjoyment, nothing more.

I tend to get very impatient with inefficient people, particularly when they call themselves professional.  This is an unfortunate character flaw to have when living in France.

I think Paris is as magical as everyone believes.  It’s not just a stereotype.  But that doesn’t make moving to another country any easier.  It’s not easy.

I have a lot of wishes/dreams/ideas for life, but my greatest wish has always been and actually still is to be a mother.

I want to learn Dutch.  I also want to explore Holland and the town where my Grandma grew up.  I feel it’s a part of me that I need to discover.

I am going to New York in September and I have never been more excited about anything in my life!

I think that growing up in lots of different groups of people (particularly private/state school) has made me quite understanding and accepting of different social and cultural groups; but it’s also made me realise how important it is to keep discovering and understanding more groups of people.

My current dinner guest 5 are: J.K. Rowling, Meghan McCain, Stephen Fry, Dakota Fanning, Helena Bonham Carter.  It annoys me that I can only choose 5 though.

I want to visit as many big cities and as many little towns and as many striking landscapes as I possibly can, but I’m pretty sure I always want my home to be in England.

I really want to do an MA.  Not for any particular reason.  Just because it looks fun.

The excitement I feel when I realise there is a new episode of Brothers and Sisters (like just now) is almost as much as my New York excitement..

On my 16th birthday my friends all told me to make a wish on my candles and I couldn’t think of a single thing, because I had everything I ever wanted.

The boy says I make him explode with happiness whenever he thinks about me… so there’s fascinating fact number 25; I can make people explode… 😉

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