Opera for Generation Y

I came to opera via musical theatre and singing lessons which ultimately steered me into classical singing and Preston Opera. Because of this sidestep, I don’t really have many opera-ey friends, so I when I sent out an open invitation to people I know to come watch one of my performances I was surprised at how many took me up on it.  Okay, so it may have been mainly to support me, but still I was intrigued to hear their take on their first taste of opera:


 Opera for Generation Y by mayadibley


So what if you want to try a bit of opera yourself? Russian Soprano, Anna Netrebko suggests on her video blog starting with more melodic operas from Puccini, Verdi and Mozart…


Many cinemas now screen performances of operas live via satellite, meaning you can see one without paying the price of seeing it live (and thus not risking as much if you do ultimately hate it!).  Keep an eye out on opera companies such as Glyndebourne and Opera de Paris, and independent cinemas like my local The Dukes, for upcoming live via satellite performances.

If you’re even younger than generation Y or want to get your littlies involved, you can always try Glyndebourne’s Opera Land for children 🙂

And if you’d like a review of the concert which played host to first ever opera performance, look no further.

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