Paris holds the key to your heart!

Yes, it is likely that my titles will usually be some line of cheese from a song.  That’s just the way I roll!

Okay, so I’m moving to Paris hopefully in late August/ early September to teach english in a french secondary school for a year. 

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m currently a student at Lancaster University in England studying for my BA(Hons) in English Literature and French, of which this coming year is a compulsory part.  Back home, I live in a little village in the north of England which I adore.  I have a seemingly endless excitement for life.  I’ve had so many great experiences so far and I really do try to make the most of every second of life.  I think I’ve managed it so far! 

Things I love to do… Reading (lots about anything, fiction, non-fiction; I get into phases of just wanting to know lots about a subject.. at the moment it seems to be Victorian life (that’s been a long running one) and also where Feminism is at today)/ Movies/ Writing (obviously :p)/ Theatre/ Singing/ Learning + speaking French (and other languages)/ Exploring places/ Staying up late talking to old freinds or new friends/ Wondering about life/ Lots of other little things!

You have NO idea how excited I am to start this blog! I’ve been reading blogs for years now and kinda had a little one on msn spaces for a while when I was about 16 but it fizzled out.  With my year abroad coming up, I figured it gave me an excuse to write about my experiences as well as all the other things I’ve been wanting to write about!

So why am I writing this blog?

1). First and foremost I want to document my experiences in Paris to keep friends and family up to date.  It’s going to be such an exciting time and I know I’ll want to tell everyone about it in the minutest detail.  I don’t want to make it less personal, I just figure a blog will allow me to document things as interestingly as possible along with pictures, videos, links and whatever else so that everyone can enjoy hearing about it! And also it might help me to not loose my voice, as I will inevitably do updating people on the phone. (I know I’ll do this anyway but every little helps :p).

2). Yes, I admit it, blogs are addictive and fabulous.  I love hearing the unedited opinions of everyone and anyone.  Now it’s my turn to add my opinions to the big messy web! I really hope people will comment on things I write as I want banter!

3). To help other people who go to France in the future, as a language assistant or otherwise.  If anyone ever stumbles upon this blog before they go, I hope my experiences and how I (hopefully!) manage to deal with them will inform future newcomers to France and Paris.  Actually, I suppose that works more generally too.  What I love about blogs is finding other people who are going through the same things as you (whatever that may be) and knowing how they cope, and that you are not alone.  So perhaps my experiences, whatever they are, might help anyone reading this in anyway they can!

4).  I suppose I would also like it to be entertaining for you the readers! (Dare to dream… :p)

5). And finally, in keeping with the fashion of the day, it saves me writing letters to everyone and thus saves paper (woo go environment!..).


Content wise, this blog will hopefully focus on…

1). My adventures in Paris: I’ll try and document them but not get too detailed to be boring.

2). My comments on french culture and how it differs from english

3). Any interesting finds in my research: My final year dissertation is on the narrative structure in Gustave Flaubert‘s Madame Bovary and how this has been interpreted in adaptations of the novel.  I also have a 6000 word project I have to write on an aspect of French culture.  I’m hoping to focus this on the place cinema has in french contemporary society.  Both of these topics then I will be researching whilst in France.  I know this will be of limited interest to most people! But I am still intending to document anything I think people might find intriguing!

4). General comentary on life! I have kept a diary for a long time and I think it’s time to start putting my reactions to things out there and see what other people think.  I do also have a new blog over at tumblr which I may stick to for more general life stuff.. I’m not sure.  I’ll keep to here for now and see how it goes.  If I have far too much to say that isn’t Paris related I may move it over there!

I’ll leave it at that for the intro I think! I really cannot stop writing when I start. Which is rather worrying in some respects.  I can see myself posting far more often than I should.  Well, I hope you enjoy and please comment and tell me what you think/ what you’d like to hear more about!

Mae xx

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