Paris revisited.

Paris was almost two and a half years ago. It changed, well, everything. There was no life altering moment, but it opened my eyes. I was forced to sit up and see the world far more clearly than I ever had; the wide world, and my own world. I have always tried to make the most of every second, but that year was a biggie.

This December, for the first time since 2009, I am going back to Paris.

For some reason that has made me write again. I have wanted to write, so much, but the past two years have been something of a throwing everything in the air, seeing where they land, then starting to make sense of it all. It has been exciting, enlightening and empowering and I think (touch every piece of wood in sight, though if fate has other designs so be it) I’m more sure of where I am now.

I guess I’m looking forward to being in Paris as the person I always wanted to be in Paris. This is the girl I’d always dreamed of being. The only unfortunate irony is that I had to spend a year there as a lost and lonely little girl, and to grow because of that, to ever become this person I wanted to be. I accept that it had to be that way, but I am grateful that I have now moved on and finally get to see Paris with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

Only worry is that this time, I might have trouble leaving…!

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