SNOW! snowsnowsnowsnowsnowsnowsnow :D

I’m not exagerating.  Paris is covered.  It’s magical.  I did get grumpy at odd moment because it’s also horrifically cold.  But it’s snow, I can’t stay angry at it for long.  I havne’t had my camera out enough to capture how pretty everything is.. but this was from my balcony on the first day:

looking downish

looking downish

That isnt fog.  Thats all snow.

That isn't fog. That's all snow.


Oh novelties.

I got back to Paris feeling fairly positive, but slumped very quickly, making me miserable for the first 2 days back.  I think I just needed to get back into the swing of things cos once I was in school on Tuesday then saw Emma for coffee afterwards, I started to feel much better.  This week I also set up the extra lessons I’m going to be doing in school for some trainee nurses.  I’m nervous because I think they expect alot more than the lycee kids, but then that’s also really good because most of them actually WANT to learn english.  I just don’t want to let them down with my limited knowledge of how to actually teach…! :s

It’s been a strange week really, slowly trying to get my mood up and sorting stuff out (oh yes, 4 months in and something still aren’t set up.. this is not my fault..!).  Thursday I was supposed to have 6 hours of lessons and ended up having only one comprising of 4 students.  As someone on another blog once said.. at the end of the day of course I’d rather kids to not show up than to show up, but it is annoying having to sit in school from 9 till half 4 doing nothing, when I could be doing a million more productive things elsewhere!  Anyway, I tried to make the most of it and planned future lessons etc and I was quite relaxed anyway so it didn’t really matter.

I realised over Christmas that I’m half way through my official time in France.  I do not know when this happened.  I have many thoughts about this, most of which I won’t go into right now.  The best I can do I think is just to really get my head down and get on with alot of the work I have to do here and really get my french going somewhere.  I’m not worried because I know I always have the option of coming back after I graduate if I need to still improve.  So that’s what I’m focusing on right now.

Au Revoir! xx

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