So London?

Spending two months in London had a similar effect to Paris in that meeting lots of new people and experiencing lots of new places does no end of good to opening ones mind and making you grow up and understand things better.
It is also horribly confusing! My friend Kate wrote a great article on the quarter life crisis and that’s where I’m getting to now I think :s I’ve always been possibly too proactive in getting work experience and internships, and whilst yes they will look good on my CV, I also really wanted my experiences to lead me closer to knowing what I want to do with my life. And honestly I feel like I’m getting nowhere. I’m an optimistic person; I unashamedly get over excited about a lot of things, and I NEED to feel that way about my career since it’s going to be such a big part of my life. Maybe that’s asking a lot but I will get it. The areas I’m interested in get me so excited, it’s just finding the exact starting position that I feel comfortable in. I guess at least these internships have done some of the ground work.

When I was applying for universities, someone quoted to me the idea that if something does happen it isn’t because you weren’t right for it but because it wasn’t right for you. While I appreciate that that isn’t always 100% true, it’s becoming even more apparent in choosing a career. I realise now that whilst I won’t be cut out for every job, if you work hard enough you can get to almost wherever you want to be. The problem comes when you see that it’s not just about them wanting you for the job but about you wanting the job. Am I late to the game here? Maybe, but it is an eye opener. So what if I ace an interview, if the job isn’t something that interests me. I need that passion and interest in my job, and I’m going to focus on that from now on when I’m thinking about my career! Too many choices 🙂 I know I’m lucky in that so I’m not complaining. It’s still complicated though.

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