Sunshine :)

It has been sooo sunny this week.  It makes Paris a completely different city I swear.

I’ve been really trying to make myself do grammar this week and I already feel like it is helping.  Just actually concentrating on what it going on in the language, I guess I just learn far better that way than by immersion.

I was helping one of the science teachers at school translate some english articles on Tuesday and he was commenting on how good my french was.  It just surprised me because, since I rarely get chance to even speak french, I really have no idea how good I am at it.  In all fairness I think he was just being nice.. 🙁

Wednesday was a fantastically relaxed day.  Lauren and I went to french conversation, and because of the weather I felt so fun and silly and relaxed.. I quite happily stayed there for ages and actually spoke and awful lot! Yey!  Afterwards we wanted to take some advantage of the weather so Lauren and I went for a stroll along the Seine in the sunshine.  What a lovely afternoon!

On Thursday evening I went to meet up with some of the girls in a cafe near the Pomidou.  Was lovely to catch up as I hadn’t seen them in ages and I realised I really will miss these people when I leave!  Luckily most of them are heading back to England at some point so I’ll hopefully see them all again!

It’s crazy how much the weather must be affecting me but university this week felt so much more comfortable too.  The phonetics lesson wasn’t on so maybe not having such a long day helped, but I really felt I was learning some interesting things and managin to pay attention!

Paul came at the weekend and I had my first sense of finality.  I know it’s pushing it a bit but it’s the last time he’ll be here on his own (next and last time will be with his parents) so it’s the last time we could have a lazy weekend in Paris.  Twas lovely but I really kinda enjoy them and had got used to them; tis just a shame they are now no more 🙁  We went to the cinema on Monday and it felt like such a regular normal thing to do that it got me thinking for a brief moment of what it would be like if we lived here together.. my thoughts never went further than that but it was a very wierd thought!

Ooo and also we moved my room around! The dvd drive on my laptop broke a few weeks ago, so Paul (bless him!) brought a dvd player over with him!  We plugged it into my TV and moved my bed over so I now have all my books and my tv just next to my bed.  Makes alot more sense really and I absolutely love it!  Maybe it’s just the change but the space feels alot for positive now 🙂

On Sunday I went with Paul and most of the girls for a picknick in Buttes Chaumont parc.  The weather was absolutely glorious.  Springtime is totally here.. just makes me sad that I wont be here long to enjoy it.  I think spring and summer in Paris must be a million times better than autumn/winter.

Au Revoir! xx

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