The final days

Just thought I’d do a quick run down of my final days in Paris!

Sooo back to Wednesday 22nd, that evening I went to the host family once more.  It really was lovely, and they have been so nice offering to have me back to stay and things, I really hope we do keep in touch.  I said the kids were welcome to come stay here if they wanted to inprove their english and I hope they will!

That weekend, Paul and his parents came to visit.  It was so good to go round the touristy bits one last time.  We had a beyond perfect evening on Saturday, walking down from the Louvre at sunset, through the Tuilleries.. the whole thing was golden, and we watched it set behind the Arc de Triomphe.  Once we got to the Arc it was dark so we went up it and saw everthing lit up, including the HUGE looking tour eiffel.  Crazy beautiful 🙂  I think the boy was actually a bit sad about leaving :p  I guess he has spent an unusual amount of time here coming to visit.  I hope he does miss it too so we go back lots!

My last week was the LONGEST and BUSIEST ever.  By this point I’d said most of my goodbyes and I was just too excited to come home.  Unfortunately I still had teaching to do, and lots of admin 🙁 On Monday I had to return my internet equipment (which cost £15.. yet 2 days later I recieved postage paid labels with which to send them.. nice.  Stupid SFR.. NEVER AGAIN) and in the evening I went to the conversation club to say good bye.. it was actually pretty sad and I have felt so grateful to those ladies for making me feel a bit safe and looked after 🙂  Mom arrived in the car on Wednesday and luckily found a carparking space.  That day I had to go change lots of euros to dollars (I’m not going to NY till September but I figured it was cheaper than changing money twice), and then close my bank account.  The latter seemed to be rather straight forward but we will see in June, when the money should be transferred!

On Friday mom and I had an uber packing/cleaning day.   My mom used to work during the summer in south of France, and her bosses, who she was quite close to, now live in Paris; so on Friday evening we went for dinner with them.  They were INSANE but utterly lovely, and it was great to meet someone from my mom’s past, and to speak lots of French.  I was also very impressed with how much French my mom spoke.. who knew?!  Friday was bank holiday in France, and I swear the whole city of Paris felt happy and relaxed for once, it was BIZAARE!

Saturday was an unplanned, pretty much perfect last day.  At lunch time I went to meet all the girls for a picnic at Sian’s.  Then we went out as sun came out and went for a wander and sit down in the Jardin de Luxembourg.  Again, so grateful at having had these friends in Paris..  friends really are your lifeline, and I hope so much that we all stay in touch.

I had planned to have a big wander around Paris on my own but I ended up staying with the girls for most of the day so I only had time to quickly pop to my favourite place in Paris, the Louvre, and have a little last look around (especially at my favourite view of Paris, from the top floor of the Richelieu wing) and then head back to the appartment.  That evening, Molly came round and she, my mom and I had a picnic FEAST including lots of french patisserie cakes 😀 It was nice to watch the sun go down on that skyline and see the eiffel tower and sacre coeur lit up one last time.  I might not ever get to see that exact view ever again.

On Sunday morning we got up stupidly early, packed the car then waited for the landlord to come round.  I got ALL my deposit back, yey! (well clean meeee).  Then mom and I had one last breakfast in the cafe opposite Pere Lachaise and then we set off home.  We managed to get an earlier ferry, and we rolled up in the Valley at the not too awful hour of 12 midnight.

So that was Paris..


Maya xx

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