The first weekend I’ve felt I can actually relax a little!

So on Thursday I finished and sent off the plan for my uni project.  You may remember that I was intending to do a study of the place of cinema in French society.  BUT I’ve decided now to change it to new technology/digitial/social media in French society, because I felt it was more current, and I could get some really interesting results.  What handing in the project plan did mean though is that I now don’t have a single deadline until June.  And that feels SO good!  I love most of my uni work, I just hate deadlines.  This way I can do whatever I feel like doing whenever I want to.  I don’t have to prioritise one thing just because I have a deadline for it coming up, if that makes sense?  I just feel so relaxed and free about it now.  I pretty much have all my lessons planned till the end of the year now.  So I have time to actually do so many of the things I’ve wanted to do here, like reading for 4th year and exploring Paris.  So that’s nice!

Friday evening I went for dinner and stayed over with my host family.  I enjoyed it far more this time.  I think I worked out that it was the dad who was making me feel unconfortable.  The mom and the kids were just lovely and happy.  I really quite admire the mom actually, she obviously works hard but she also seems to dote on her kids and is so good and encouraging with them.   We had a lovely meal and talk, and she said next time we could maybe do some conversation in English to help the kids a bit which I thought would be nice.  I’m definately glad I went back.. It’s nice to see a real, normal family living here; my experience in general is of students and young people on their own and you do start to wonder if that’s all there is in Paris.  On the Saturday they drove me back into Paris and I WISH I could have filmed my drive.  They live out past La Defense, so our drive in was along the road between la grande arche at La Defence, and the Arc de Triomphe.  Surreal just doesn’t describe driving in a regular family car with the Arc de Triomphe looming directly infront of you!  This also meant we had to drive round the roundabout of death that goes around l’Etoile.. something like 8 lanes of traffic but no markings!! V Scary!  We eventually came out round pont l’Alma, and again, just turning a corner in a regular car and suddenly seeing that you’re right next to the Eiffel Tower. .! Definately a way to experience Paris at some point.  I went and did a bit of shopping myself on Rue de Rivoli, then headed home.

Later in the afternoon I got the bus (5 minutes!!) up to Parc des Buttes Chaumont and met Lauren.  We had a wander round there and then down to Parc de Belleville.  From there it was a pretty quick walk back to my house.. but a lovely, sunny, relaxed afternoon. 

Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Parc des Buttes Chaumont



Parc des Buttes Chaumont at sunset 🙂

View from Place des Fetes.

View from Place des Fetes.

In the evening was Philly’s 21st Birthday Part 3!  Had a lovely evening.. big meal with everyone, lots of wine and laughs and party games.  Later we headed out to some bars in the 5th and just had a really fun drunken night :p


On Sunday the plan had been to head out to some museums, but Lauren was very much the worse for wear :p  And also we discovered that the supposed ‘All museums in Paris are free on the first Sunday or each month’ only actually applies to like 20 museums.. which is a bit poop!  So in the end we just had a chilled and lazy day :).

This weekend I’m going back to England for the last time before I’m home for good!  ‘Home for good’ by the way is now scheduled as May 3rd!!! So excited.. really allows me to enjoy my time here more, knowing that it is going to end soon.  Very excited to go back for a few days and just soak up some englishness, even though I’m really enjoying it here right now too.

Au Revoir! xx

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