The Inbetween Week.

Back up! WAyy too long between posts.  Lots to catch up!  On Saturday 13th Lauren and I went to see Le Mariage Force, a one act play by Moliere.  Twas nicely done with modern costume and actually quite pleasant only being one hour.  A nice blast of theatre without being tired out by hours and hours of concentration!   Twas also funny because it forced us to discover the carousel du louvre which is a shopping mall underground sort of off the Louvre Museum entrance bit.  This is where the theatre was but also some nice shops and eating places.. possibly a really nice place to hang out in the evening!

On sunday I went for a meal with a host family that I have been linked with.  The idea is that families volunteer who want to host a foregin person for a meal or things like that, and for the people like me, it’s a way to experience a real french family and to practice my french.  I got the train out to where they live (one of the wealthy suburbs of Paris) and met the mom.  In total there were the mom and dad, 3 kids, and one ‘petite-amie’ (girlfriend) of the eldest kid.  They cooked a really lovely traditional french meal and were very welcoming.  I think the wierd thing was the type of people they were.  I don’t mean this in an overly judgemental way, but it’s natural for one to make judgements or observations and basically that’s what I did 🙂 They were very proper, 2.4 children, good jobs, all playing sports and playing instruments.  It felt like they were really trying hard to keep up appearances and I felt at times that the dad was judging me alot on things I said.  None of this was particularly negative, just very alien and bizarre to me.  I don’t want to sound obnoxious but these kind of families are those I’ve heard of, read about, even been aquaintances with, but never really had much to do with.  So overall it was just intriguing!  The mom told me to call when I get back after Christmas so I should be seeing them again so twill be interesting to find out mjore about them! 

We had a really good chat on ways to improve my french, and though much of this made me feel guilty that I hadn’t already done alot of it (the no time excuse is getting tired, even if it is very true), it also gave me some new positive things to try after the holidays!  The afternoon also got me to thinking about my attempts to improve my french.  So far I’ve just been grabbing any opportunity to speak french with anyone, like with this host family.  However, now I have a few options, I’m wondering how useful it’s going to be meeting with people whom I don’t have alot in common with.  At the meal I felt a bit like they were doing me a big favour instead of really being interested in talking.  So I think it might make more sense to stick to speaking with people my own age where the conversation would be more natural.

The wierdness of this sunday hit at a bad time where I was already feeling a bit weary with life in France in general.  The teaching has been starting to feel like a means to an end and nothing more.  And it also feels like any free moment should be spent doing something to improve my french, and it was getting exhausting!  I think I was just very reasy for the christmas break and to stop feeling constant guilt about what I *should* be doing while I’m here 🙁

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