The OC in French!!

Obviously the highlight of today.. finding that they’re playing the OC dubbed in French right from the first episode (starting today) on one of the main french channels.  Emma and I managed to watch a whole one and a half episodes barely understanding a word but enjoying it all the same :p may be a sure fire way to soak up the french!

Yesterday was interesting.  The day was lovely, mom and I pretty much just explored montmartre and the 18th.  We went to Montmartre Cemetary which is full of well known dead people, and some stunning graves.  The evening wasn’t so good.  Mom left and I found out I hadn’t got that apartment I’d really wanted so I hit pretty low getting homesick.  But I supped it up and watched Almost Famous and went to sleep 🙂

Today was busy; I had 4 viewings which Emma very kindly came along to.  The first one was in Montmartre quite near where I’m staying and honestly it was lovely.  Quiet area and far out but big room, nice spearate kitchen and bathroom, not too expensive.  The second was right in the centre on Ile St Louis so the area was stunning.  But the flat had almost no natural light and though it was cosy, it was definately small and I don’t know if I could handle spending all my time in there :s.  The third was a bit poo, if it had been in a really good area then it would have been decent enough, small but light and pretty, but it was right in the south so probably not worth it.  And the landlord was sketchy!  The fourth one almost made me cry, it was near the champs elysees on a top floor and from the windows you could see so much of the Paris skyline; Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Opera Garnier.  But the actually apartment was just BAD.  Bedroom was okay but the other room had the bathroom just in the middle! Very little furniture etc but oh the view! Emma and I agreed that it would be a fab place to buy and do up and change around a bit as your own property but definately not fit to rent.

Soo I’m trying my bestest to get the first one but I don’t want to get my hopes up.  I’ll keep you posted.

Au Revoir! xx

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