Things are a-changin’…

It might sound strange but I’m starting to look forward to the start of the working week because one they start they always seem to fly by, I don’t have time to think or worry, and it’s the weekend before I know it.  I suppose that comes with my work being pretty regular and in routine now; I know what’s coming, I get it done, and then it’s over!  It’s a hastle, and the night before I always feel a bit anxious in the pit of my stomach, but like I said I know it will all be over for another week so very quickly.  Then I can enjoy the weekends where I actually get to do what I want to do 🙂

That said, the weeks aren’t just full of work.  Plenty of other things happen too!  The first drama of this week was that I had a call in the afternoon from my baby-sitting dad saying that he wanted me to come round that night and discuss not baby-sitting for him anymore.  I’d already mentioned this to him a few weeks ago because, the weeks where the kids are with him, he’s almost always home pretty soon after they are so I feel a bit superfluous.  So yeah he basically agreed and said they’re really to old to need a baby-sitter especially when he’s there most of the time anyway.  But he said their mom would probably still want me to work (so every other week) because she works alot later, and never gets home early, so more just so the kids aren’t always on their own every night.  It actually workd out great for me because I don’t really need the money anymore (like I did last term) and I’d been questionning whether to give baby-sitting up anyway to have more time for work.  This was I still get a little bit of money but I also get a little bit more time for me too!

On Tuesday night Lauren and went to the Comedie Francaise, again!  Love it there!  That general area around the Louvre is definately becoming my favourite area of Paris.  This time we went to see Moliere’s l’Illusion Comique.  It was great, and the lead actor was beautiful :p though in all fairness neither of us really understood what was going on.  What’s strange is that I never seem to get bored at the theatre even though I never understand much!  Such a great atmosphere though.

Comedie Francaise

Comedie Francaise

Me and Lauren at the Comedie Francaise

Me and Lauren at the Comedie Francaise

On Wednesday Lauren and I went to check out ‘Forum des Images’ which I knew had been refurbished and reopened in December.  It’s a really cool space dedicated to cinema; the best part for me is they have a big cinema themed library with free wi-fi and loads of work spaces, so definately a potential work/ hang out spot!  I got lots of errands done too during the rest of the day, so on my way home I randomly treated myself to a massage which was lovely!!

So it’s at this point where I should really write something on the strikes of ‘Jeudi Noir’ which, thanks to international media hype, so many people have been asking me about.  The fact is, it’s a big and varied topic/debate/ issue and not one I want to go into here.  But understand this.. strikes are normal in France, particularly in Paris.  This one, in my experience and many of my friends’, did not ‘paralyze’ Paris anymore than some of the others have.  Yes the march in the centre was big, but it didn’t have as much of an effect as the unions hoped.  And me?  I got to work 20 mins earlier than usual!

Finally, I know this isn’t really France related, but I did just send an application off for a proper internship for the summer (something I never thought I do).  It is strange but exciting that I’m really having to plan out the next step AFTER Paris now… only 3 more months here, and I know it’s going to go fast.  But more about that excitement and non- Franceness on my tumblr blog.  It does also call into question what happens to this blog once I leave France.  I think I may leave this one to remain my year in Paris.  But whether I start another to keep alongside my tumblr, we shall have to see!

Au Revoir!

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