Things I miss about home.

I posted this on my tumblr but then realised it’s pretty relevant to the whole adventure in France malarchy so here is the list:

Understanding everything I hear.

My mom pottering around the house when I wake up.

People who understand and appreciate technology.

Schools that understand and make use of technology.

Being able to safely cross the road.

Cuddling the boy at the end of a long day.

My car. 

Driving around the countryside. 

Being able to travel door to door.

My house and my gardens. (i.e. SPACE).

Kitten falling asleep on my bed next to me.

Things that cost less than a pound.

Cheap things in general.

Homecooked meals.

My job at the theatre and everyone who works there.

Free movies at the cinema.

BBC programmes and radio.


Walkers Crisps/ Cadbury’s.

People who are actually EXCITED about Christmas.

Breathing in clean air.

Waking up to calm countryside and to a house full of family.

Eating dinner round the table with all the family and talking.

My brothers/ The boy/ My mom/ My dad/ My girls/ The boy’s parents.

My little village that is home 🙂


P.s. I will update about my adventures very soon! It’s only because I’ve been busy doing realllly interesting things that I haven’t written, promise! I’m home in two days so will prob write it all up then!


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