Things I will miss about here (Paris)

  • The cosyness of my apartment.
  • The convenient all in oneness of my apartment.
  • Everything being my very own (e.g. the christmas tree).
  • Having a kitchen to myself.
  • The majority of shops/ food being just outside my door.
  • Public Transport- the speed, the efficiency, the convenience of not having to find a parking space.
  • My view of the Paris Skyline and the shivers it gives me.
  • The lights down any given street and walking home at night.
  • Having a balcony.
  • Easy access to french listening materials! I.e tv/ radio/ people.
  • And reading materials for that matter, to a lesser extent.
  • Having no end to the amount of things to do if ever you are bored: coffee shops/ musuems/ parks/ shops/ wandering/ theatre/ cinema…
  • The conviction I constantly have that by being here I am doing something extraordinary with my life. (Whether true or not).
  • Some genuinely awesome new friends that I intend to keep for a lifetime.
  • Baguettes, I guess rather obviously.

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