This time in 2 weeks I’ll be back in my beautiful England :)

This week has failed somewhat! On coming back from Strasbourg I was hoping to use my free week to get on with alot of work.  But, following from my last post, there was a problem.  Most of my uni work is reflections upon my experience and the culture here in France.  Yet right now I don’t want to think about France.  I feel like I’m rolling down the hill towards England, and to try and stop it and focus back on France is far too uncomfortable now, and I imagine will be until I am back home.

It’s funny but I actually cannot read the first month of blog posts from September! It hurts me to believe I went through all that alone.  I’m glad I got through it, and I am proud, but I don’t want to remember it right now 🙂

I had a lovely weekend though, making the most of my last weeks here.  On Saturday Charlotte, from uni, and I went for a long wander round the centre, gossiping, got some dinner too and then came back to mine to hang out and gossip some more!

On Sunday Emma and I got up early and went for a wander around Marche de Puces then we headed into the centre to Angelina, the famous tearooms.  We had their famous hot chocolate and a cake each.  It was literally liquid chocolate and incredible.  Very similar to Betty’s Tearooms in Yorkshire 🙂 But with a parisian twist!  After that we headed down to the Arc de Triomphe and climbed up, as all museums and historical monuments in France generally are now free to under 26s!  I hadn’t been up since the first time I came to Paris, and the views were utterly spectacular!

On the way back I realised that I had somehow lost my Navigo Pass (for the metro).  Luckily, as a Paris resident, you can have it replaced for a charge, and your monthly credit is still on it.  Which was lucky, but I still didn’t enjoy the hugeeee queue today to get it replaced 🙁

2 weeks left; Paul and his parents coming to visit on Thursday, leaving on Sunday; mom coming on Wednesday in the car.  Once I stop feeling fed up I may well start with the emotional ‘the end’ posts :p

You have been warned.

Au Revoir! xx

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