Tuesday-Finally some decent service!

I have to note the fact that on Tuesday morning I went to the post office to sign for my bank thing, and they were actually efficient!  They have a pretty nifty system where you push a button on a machine, depending on what you’re there for, then you wait for number to be called (kinda like Argos!).  It seems like there are two post office people for each different thing so that means for things like just collecting parcels, those people move alot quicker.  It was still funny while I was waiting to see that they sure sure take their time with everything :p  When my turn came the guy took ages finding my letter, and kept coming back to check the slip.  I was thinking oh god here we go, he’s just gonna come back and say oh it’s not there- sorry- bye!  But when he finally found it and came back he kept apologising! I was actually shocked! French service people have never apologised to me!  And at the end I asked where I go to buy stamps and he was like oh I can get them for you, and went in the back and found some! Love it! xx

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