Two Worlds.

I came home to England on Saturday after a rather busy week!  I started teaching on my own last Wednesday and Thursday, and it actually went fine.  I thought with knowing I was coming home, that teaching would drag awfully.  I still kind of wanted the lessons done with, but I think on normal days, teaching will be perfectly bareable!  I did the same introductory lesson with all of them, then gave Cadburys at the end :p  Which I think went down well!

Coming home, I thought I’d feel so wierd;  I imagined the feeling you get when coming back from a holiday, but intensified.  But it honestly hasn’t felt like I’ve been away at all.  I feel like I’m living two completely separate lives.  Being here, home, feels utterly normal.  The idea that at this moment I have an apartment in the middle of Paris, just doesn’t seem real.  It will be interesting to see how I feel once I’m back there.  Right now I feel so so happy and cosy and relaxed.  I love home so much! Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying Paris so much.  But my real life is here.  There is too much good here to ever really give up.  This weekend my dad’s doing a bonfire so I won’t miss out on bonfire night! And I have a halloween party in Lancaster tomorrow!  Having such a good holiday :p

Also, I’ve now put captions on all my photos on Flickr, and I’ll try to keep that up from now on so you know where the pictures are coming from!  See them all at: 

Au Revoir! xx

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