Work and Escape.

This week was relativley quiet because of all the work I was trying to do.  I think I made reasonable progress, maybe not as much as I’d like, but who ever does that?  Lauren came round on Monday night as she needed to use the internet for Leeds tickets, and we ended up making a night of it, having tea and then she stopped over.  Was so nice to have a decent night together as she was leaving two weeks later.  Started to realise how stupidly much I’m gonna miss her.  It’s strange because the nature of this year has made it all feel so temporary, and yet we have been here for as long a time as the first year of  university.  If I think of the close friendships I’d made by the end of that year, it seems silly to not have realised that I may make the same bonds here too.

Two administrative things came up this week, one very good, one very bad.  On the plus side, my CAF (housing benefit) was FINALLY all rectified!  If you remember, they’d totally messed up and were asking me to repay everything I’d recieved so far.  Well now that has been scrapped and I’m back recieving my monthly instalement, yey!  On the down side, the wages for the extra lessons I was doing with the nursing school have not been paid.  I have endlessly emailed and been to the office of the director of the school but I don’t know if I’m getting anywhere.  It’s one of those infuriating france moments.. the lack of efficient contact and organisation.  I just hope it sorts out before I leave!

It was somewhat a week for french annoyances.  The reason I was off work this week was because most of the school were effectively on study leave, but I still was supposed to have one hour of one of the older class.  So I go alllll the way in on Tuesday afternoon, only to find my room taking up by an exam and my pupils nowhere to be seen.  The teacher in the room says that some pupils came by 10 minute before (20 minutes before the start of my lesson) looking for me.. I’ve no idea why, or where they went after.  I said I’d wait in the staff room for them, but 20 mins went by and no-one came.  In the end I called my responsable, who let just say was neither helpful or even polite to me, which was just a shame, when I was only trying to work out what had happened.  I shalln’t rant about it more here, but I was just very annoyed at having taken up over 2 hours for nothing.  Yet another notch on the ‘means to an end’ tally. :s

On Wednesday night, Lauren, Emma, Becka and had got £10 tickets to France v Lithuania at the Stade de France (France’s Wembley equivalent) and the atmosphere alone was incredible!  The seats were great and just the noise and the size were so overwhelming.  We had an ace time and got really into the match.  And all for £10!  It’s amazing how you can entertain yourself when you where to look.

At the Stade de France!

At the Stade de France!

Thursday afternoon I had a leisurely stroll into the centre and met Lauren at ‘Breakfast in America’, an american style diner that has been set up by an american guy who couldn’t find decent american food in Paris, so made it himself!  We had super fat meals, and it was cool the whole american diner feel.. made me excited about NYC!

At the weekend we headed down to the Loire Valley on an organised trip.  It was VERY crammed in and hectic and tiring but I had a great time.  It was good to get out of Paris into the countryside for a while.  I also learned an awful lot about french history from the tour guides we had around the chateaux.  It prompted me to buy a short history of France book in one of the gift shops because I think it’s about time I got to grips with it!

One of the MANY Chateux we visited! (Cheverny, Loire Valley)

One of the MANY Chateaux we visited! (Cheverny, Loire Valley)

The beautiful town of Vendome

The beautiful town of Vendome

Lavardin, Loire Valley (the frenchest village in France apparently!)

Lavardin, Loire Valley (the 'frenchest' village in France apparently!)

Me and the girls in Blois, Loire Valley

Me and the girls in Blois, Loire Valley

4 weeks till home now, very wierd.  Totally set on buying an apartment in Paris in the future now.  I need to keep up my fix somehow!

Au Revoir! xx

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