Below are a selection of my clippings that have been published in print publications:

(Update: these are super mega old…)

‘The best performance I’ve ever seen: Gregory Burke, playwright.’ The Observer New Review (PDF | Online) 31/10/10

On Top Of The World – Carpenter Facts’ The Observer New Review (PDF24/10/10

‘The Force of Virtue – Who are the 99?’ The Observer New Review (PDF | Online) 24/10/10

‘Career Ladder – Neville Thurlbeck’ SCAN (PDF | PDF (Of whole issue) <Page 21>) 09/03/10

‘The iPhone: Worth the Price?’ SCAN (PDF | PDF (Of whole Issue) <Page 27>) 24/02/10

‘Career Ladder – Author Kevin Wignall’ SCAN (PDF | PDF (Of whole issue) <Page 24>) 24/02/10

‘Happy Valentine’s, Me’ SCAN (PDF | PDF (Of whole issue) <Page 18>) 09/02/10

‘Voting 101’ SCAN (PDF | Online10/04/10

‘Career Ladder: Those Who Can, Teach’ SCAN (PDF | Online) 10/04/10

‘What Comes Next After Uni’ SCAN (Online) 07/06/10

‘A Life Away From Home’ SCAN (PDF (Of whole issue) <Page 23>) 11/11/09


Below is a PDF of the magazine I made based on Jane Austen’s novel, Sense and Sensibility:

‘Barton Voice’ (PDF03/10