On the day of my 16th birthday, my friends had a surprise gathering for me at one of their houses.  They brought out a cake and, as is usual, they told me to make a wish.

An odd, but pure realisation came over me.  I had nothing to wish for.  Literally nothing.  I had everything I wanted and needed.  I was content.  I had everything to live for.

All my life, I have been and still am incredibly lucky.  As we get older, we realise that solving our own problems is only the start.  There are millions of things I have left to discover or to change.  I will try as hard as I can to make my life and the lives of others as good as possible.

I am 21 tomorrow 🙂 I have had the best childhood and teenagehood I could wish for.  I feel it slipping away all the time.  Sometimes I want to forget the future and cry the bittersweet tears of naivity forever.  But I know there is too much out there.  The only thing that scares me more than loosing what has been, is the possibility of loosing all the things that may be.

To take a quote from a rather innocent but accurate film…

Norah: Are you sad that we missed it?
Nick: We didn’t miss it. This IS it.
— Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

Maya xx

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