French ‘Society’.

Saturday night was incredible! Lauren and I went thinking it was going to be some form of sit down dinner pretty much just with the family.  It turned out to be a big party and buffet with over 90 people, to celebrate the dad’s birthday!  Jessie, Lauren and I hung out most of the night and it was the lovely.  The food was mostly catered and very yummy.  We met the kids who Jessie looks after and they were gorgeous! The younger one was insanely active though!  We talked to quite a few of the family’s friends about what we were doing in Paris.  It was really nice to have just casual conversation in french.  Twas intriguing to see lots of regular parisian adults; what they wore, how they acted etc.  Fabulous people watching fodder! We stayed till about 12 then went for a quick drink in a nearby bar before Lauren and I got the metro back to mine, encountering some less than pleasant french boys along the way 🙁

On Sunday I went round to Molly’s at about 11.30 and we had such a relaxing Sunday! First we went to the market at Bastille (my first Paris market!).  It was so colourful and bustly!  Worth going to just for the atmosphere, even if you have no intention of spending money.  Once we’d wandered around and Molly had bought lots of organic veggies, we found a cafe in the sun by place de la bastille and had coffee while reading the sunday observer and discussing blogs among other things!  She invited me for brunch so went went back to hers and had yummy scrambled eggs with salmon, toasted baguette, salad, cheese and home made strawberry and banana smoothies.  I really need to get myself a blender asap so I can make my own! Later we went for a wander round the Marais and mooched in some of the clothes shops.. and I didn’t get home till like half seven.  By that time I was happily tired and had a cosy evening with cups of Tea! :p

This morning I had psyched myself up to go and give my bank man hell for my bank card STILL not arriving! So I get downstairs and check my mail, and the slip from the post man (for a registered letter from the bank) that I’ve been waiting for for over 2 weeks is finally there!  So that scuppers my plans for today as I can’t go and collect it till tomorrow.  I also recieved a letter back from the caf (housing benefit) people asking for some more documents, which is good cos it means they’ve recieved my application, especially as I wasn’t expecting to hear from them for another 2 weeks.

This does mean that I now have nothing to do today, which gives me time to get some writing done: mainly my french journal which I’m really starting to fall behind on!

I’m starting the babysitting tonight! So so nervous.  I don’t know if the kids will like me or if it will be difficult with the language barrier or what exactly I’m sposed to do?! Argh!  But all I can do is take it as it comes.  I am excited at the same time :p

Au Revoir! xx

The New Apartment!

So yesterday I moved the rest of my stuff into the new apartment, and proceeded to arrange it all perfectly!  There was an awful lot of stuff provided by the landlord, but also alot of random junk left by previous tenants!  I sorted through the latter and actually found a few nice bits and pieces to decorate the place with :).  Today I pretty much just continued with all that, and right now I just about have everything as I want it.  I do want to do more cleaning cos I’m a freak (but everythings so dusty!), but it’s definately looking very homely now! 

Also, Molly came round again last night which was lovely! She was thinking of some friends she could introduce me to which is encouraging, as right now the idea of making friends with french people on my own TERRIFIES me.  We had a look online too for sorting an internet and phone connection here properly.  There seem to be so many hidden charges and I don’t know what to do because I can’t very well ring them up and ask them to explain because I wouldn’t understand a word!  I also got my first view of the night time landscape from my balcony here, and it was stunning 🙂  We watched the eiffel tower when it started all the twinkling lights on the hour! Tis very cool. 

attempt to capture the sparklyness at night

One thing I did do today was go down to the local CAF office (conveniently located at the end of my road!) to sort out the housing benefit that I should be entitled to as a young person in France.  It was a tad bewildering because I went intending to ask what paperwork and things I would need to provide, but the woman was very scary and seemed very rushed.  I showed her what I had already and she literally just took the application form, a photocopy of my passport and an RIB slip (the bank give you these with all you details on it to make things easier), gave me a reciept and said it would take about a month!  I just hope everything there was right.  Having said that, the good thing about the caf (apparently) is that even if it takes months to sort out, I still get back paid from when I first started living here, so it doesn’t really matter if it takes forever.

Au Revoir! xx