The Eurotunnel is foiled!

Very chirpy right now as I’ve found out my mum is coming to visit this weekend after all! 

Yesterday was another down in my current rollercoaster.  I went all the way to the Champs Elysees to get my mobile phone only to find (contrary to what I had been told by them the week before) that I needed my bank card to set up the contract for some reason (which I don’t have yet for some other unknown reason.. yet another annoyance!).  I headed up to Jills to finish tidying up and things there.  When I got home I had an email from mum saying she couldn’t come this weekend because of the whole eurostar fiasco.  So yeah, I was in a major slump.  Emma did come round in the evening though and we had a good natter so that cheered me up a little!

Today was lovely cos I met up with another language assistant here in Paris who I’d spoken to on facebook.  She lives in a really bustly area of the latin quarter, and it was so good to just meet someone who’s about to do the same kinda things as me!

Later today mum and I worked out that she could get across on the ferry actually more cheaply than the eurotunnel anyway and eventually she was pursuaded!  I’m so happy she’s coming so she can see my new apartment! Plus she’s bringing more of my stuff so that’ll help so much in making me feel more settled 🙂

I’ve also managed to take some pictures of the first apartment I was staying in, and of my new one which I shall put up here now!

Au Revoir! xx

Quite content!

I’m feeling very settled today which is awesome!

Big window in my apartment at sunset.

Big window in my apartment at sunset.

Saturday I did a big shop (well as big as I could considering I had to carry it all back to the apartment!).  I have found a fancy little trolly thing in the flat that the Parisians seem to love, which helps to bring the shopping back!  After that Molly text me to see if I wanted to come round for a brew.  I took some stuff to take round to Jill’s apartment cos I figured I could go there after.  I ended up spending the whole afternoon at Molly’s, first at hers and then we went for a wander around the 11th, round by the canal and stopping in a cafe there.  Later she asked if I wanted to come to a dinner that one of her friends was putting on, and when I was sure I was definately welcome I said okay!  Met some of her other friends and what I found really cool was that they spoke french for most of the night and I think I pretty much followed it all!  Didn’t quite have the guts to speak any myself.  I think its really intimidating particularly because Molly and her friend Sarah are english and speak french so I feel awful at it in comparison to them.  I know that’s ridiculous because they’ve lived here for 10 years but especially when you’re around really competant billingual people, I think there’s alot more pressure to be good at the two languages. 

We ended up staying there till about 5am then Molly, Sarah and I got a taxi home!

Today I inevitably didn’t get up till late!  When I eventually got up and about, I tried to make some progress on the internet front first.  Then I had to go round to Molly’s to get the bag of stuff I’d left to take to Jill’s.  I stopped for a brew and a chat there, then Molly came with me to Jill’s.  We ended up going for a drink at one of the cafes at the end of the road where I’d been staying the first few weeks.  I hadn’t been there before but it is gorgeous and I’m definately gonna go there again on quiet afternoons :).

Hence getting home, I felt rather relaxed into the whole cafe, friends, wandering round Paris lifestyle!  The apartment helps so much but even more so is having people that I can actually hang out with and experience it with 🙂 I’m so so grateful for that!

Finally managed to get a few more pictures up on the fickr account! Should have some free time tomorrow to take some pictures of both the first place and of this apartment for you to see 🙂

sunset from the balcony... im quite in love with this picture

sunset from the balcony... i'm quite in love with this picture

Au revoir! xx